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Welcome to OrderVox, we value your trust in our company and we will do our best to meet your service expectations. We are always open and transparent in all that we do. 

Please read each of the statements below and sign in the box.

  • The customer should set up the standing order of GBP 60 with his bank account to pay the payment on the 1st of every month.
  • Internet connection should always be active to receive online orders.

  • Domain transfer fee £150 after ending the agreement period.

  • Thermal printer warranty 1 year

  • We will take £9.99 until the order reach to a minimum of £500

  • The website may be in Offline or Maintenance Mode for missing the standing order and you will miss all the orders at that particular time.

  • Website monthly payment due start date is the FIRST day of every month but still, you can pay the due by 10th of the same month. Later your payment gateway will automatically be moved to OrderE account.

  • Accidental damages ( misuse, grease, water, drop off, excessive heat or burn, use on an incorrect voltage, power surges, unauthorised repairs by any persons) are not covered by warranty.


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Victory Business Centre, Somers Road North, Portsmouth, UK PO1 1PJ

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Why OrderE

No more commission for any order ever again with OrderE. We are focusing on providing a single platform where Takeaway or Restaurants will be able to do everything beneath one roof such as Online Ordering using the web, mobile app, and Online Marketing without any hidden cost.

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